Cooler Master Dream Purple Coiled Custom Keyboard Cable


The Coiled Cable from Cooler Master adds one final touch of cool to your setup. USB-A to USB-C nylon cable allows for universal keyboard connectivity — reinforced and braided for durability and flexibility, while the fancy coil makes for convenient, clean cable management. Functional and luxurious, the Coiled Cable is the accessory that truly ties everything together.

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Premium Custom Keyboard Replacement Cable
Rubberised Cable with Nylon Braid
5-Pin Detachable Aviator Connector
Highly Durable
Universal Compatibility with Type-C
Interface: USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-A
Length: 100mm Coiled, 1.5m Total
Colour: Dream Purple


Brand: Cooler Master
Series: Keyboard Accessories
Model: Dream Purple Coiled Custom Keyboard Cable (KB-CPZ1)
Colour: Dream Purple
Materials: Nylon
Metal Alloy
PVC Plastic
TPE Rubber
Cable Length: Coiled Length: 100mm
Total Length (including coils): 1.5m
Interfaces: USB Type-A to USB Type-C
5-Pin Detachable Aviator Connector
Compatibility: Most USB Type-C Keyboards
Cooler Master CK721 Series
Cooler Master MK721 Series
Cooler Master CK720 Series
Cooler Master SK600 Series

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Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 20,4 × 14 × 2,5 cm


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