Cooler Master Type 1 600W 12VHPWR Right-Angled GPU Power Cable


The Cooler Master 90 degree 12VHPWR adapter is a 12VHPWR to 3×8-pin adapter that features a 90-degree orientation with highly flexible cables, and 250W of power for each connector. This Type 1 cable is compatible with V Gold V2, V Platinum, V SFX Gold, and M2000 Platinum PSUs.

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12VHPWR Adapter For Cooler Master PSUs
Combines Up To Three 8-Pin PEG Connectors
Cable Version: Type 1
Rated Wattage: Up to 600W
Length: 650mm
Nylon Braided Cables
Colour: Black
Use Cycles: 30 Lifetime Disconnects


Brand: Cooler Master
Series: 12VHPWR Cables
Cable Version: Type 1
Cable Length: 650mm
Rated Wattage: Up to 600W (with 1000W Power Supply)
Sleeving: Nylon Black Sleeving
Requirements: 3x 8-Pin PCIe Connectors
Recommended PSU Wattage: 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 1600W
Endurance: Rated for 30 Lifetime Connects & Disconnects.
Wire Gauge: 16 AWG (Power) / 28 AWG (Signal)

Compatible Ranges: Cooler Master V Gold V2
Cooler Master V Platinum
Cooler Master V SFX Gold
Cooler Master M2000 Platinum

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