D-Link DKVM-CU 1.8 Meter KVM set with Monitor & PS/2 Cables


D-Link’s KVM cables are all-in-one cable sets that minimize desktop clutter by combining each cable into one convenient package. D-Link’s DKVM-CB cable sets for VGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard/mouse connections are 3-in-1 KVM cable sets, each includes a VGA cable and 2 PS/2 cables. Connectors supported include video (15-pin HDD male) connectors and keyboard/ mouse (6-pin mini-DIN male) connectors.

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Product colour: Black
Cable length: 1.8
Connector 1: VGA
Connector 2: USB

Technical details
Shipping (inner) case length: 410
Shipping (inner) case width: 330
Shipping (inner) case height: 226
Shipping (inner) case gross weight: 5146.6
Shipping (inner) case net weight: 4070.4
Pallet gross weight (air): 225864
Number of cartons per pallet (air): 40
Quantity per pallet (air): 480
Pallet length: 1100
Pallet width: 1200
Pallet height (air): 1265
Pallet gross weight (sea): 349382.4
Number of cartons per pallet (sea): 64
Quantity per pallet (sea): 768
Pallet height (sea): 1943
Quantity per shipping (inner) case: 12

Packaging data
Package width: 200
Package depth: 190
Package height: 45
Package weight: 339.2

Additional information

Weight 0,23 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 7 × 2,1 cm


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