Ps3 Fr-1 Freedom Racing Wheel


Ps3 Fr-1 Freedom Racing Wheel

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The FR-1 is an ergonomically designed wireless steering wheel controller, with built-in accelerometer and rumble feedback to ensure you feel every bump, crash and skid.

With a contoured D-pad for comfortable and precise control, additional bumpers that ensure clean manual gear changes and a nudge function that keeps you facing in the right direction, the FR-1 steering wheel also features a sensitivity switch, which like a modern F1 car allows the steering wheel to be refined in order to match your driving style.

With the features under the bonnet taken care of, be assured that the FR-1’s good looks are no coincidence. Featuring a motorsport inspired Carbon Fibre finish, the FR-1 is at the forefront of automotive design, with the ergonomic shape ensuring that prolonged endurance races don’t take their toll on your hands and wrists.

The Gioteck FR-1 PS3 steering wheel is fully compatible with all PS3™ console models and available racing games; putting you firmly in control, whether you are an F1 fanatic, street racer or rally enthusiast.

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