Razer Doubleshot PBT Razer Green Keycap Upgrade Set


Enjoy durability without cramping your style. Made from doubleshot PBT, these keycaps are thicker and sturdier, and won’t wear down to a shiny finish. They also showcase the sleekest, thinnest font ever seen on a PBT keycap for a clean, minimal aesthetic that will never fade.

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Brand: Razer
Series: Keycap Upgrade Set
Model: RC21-01490400-R3M1
Materials: Shine-resistant Doubleshot PBT
Compatibility: Backlight Compatible
Fits all Razer Mechanical & Optical Keyboards
Fits all Cross-Shaped Axis (Cherry-Style) Switches
Fits Both Razer & Standard 104/105 Key US & UK Layouts
Includes: Mechanical & Optical Full Sized Keyboard Stabilizers

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Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 7,7 × 14,1 × 16 cm


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