RCT MegaPower MP-T2000S 2kVa/2kW 24V Inverter Trolley with 2 x 100Ah Batteries


RCT Megapower 2kVA/2000W Inverter Trolley with 2 x 100AH Batteries The RCT MegaPower 2kVA/2000W Inverter Trolley is a portable power solution that is ideal for use in homes and offices. It comes with two high-capacity 100Ah batteries, providing a powerful and reliable source of electricity. The inverter trolley converts DC power from the batteries into AC power, making it a stable and versatile power source for your appliances and devices.

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Inverter Battery
Rated power: 2000 W.
Output voltage: 220 VAC.
Output frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave.
Battery Voltage: 24V.
Battery Specifications: 100Ah 12V x 2.

Solar Input
Maximum photovoltaic voltage (VDC): ≤ 150 V
Charge voltage (VDC): 35 V – 150 V
Rated charge current (A): 30 A
Maximum power (Wp): 800 Wp
Voltage overcharge protection (VDC): 28.4 V
Voltage overcharge recovery (VDC): 28.0 V
Voltage of floating charge (VDC): 27.4V

DC Output
Voltage of high-voltage protection (VDC): 32 V
Voltage of high-voltage recovery (VDC): 32.4 V
Voltage of low-voltage recovery (VDC): 25.2 V
Voltage of low-voltage protection (VDC): 22V
5 V DC USB Output port: 2 Units / MAX 2 A
12 VDC Output port: 2 DC Ports (Max 2 A)
Starting temperature of the exhaust fan: > 45ºC
Ambient temperature for operation: 0 – 40ºC
Ambient temperature for storage: -25 – +55ºC
Operation / storage conditions: 0-90% (No Condensation)

Charge by a mains supply rated voltage: 220VAC.
Charge Current: 30A(max).
Product dimensions: 380 mm x 380 mm x 520 mm.

Battery (2 x 12V/100Ah Gel Battery)
Rated Voltage: 12V/Battery (Note this is a 24V System).
Capacity (10hr,1.80V/Cell): 100Ah.
Weight: 31.5Kg.
Max Discharge Current: 30I10A(3min).
Max Charge Current: ≤0.25A C10.
Self- Discharge (25℃): ≤3%/month.
Recommended Using Temperature: 15°C~25°C.
Cover Material: ABS.
Dimensions: 407mm x 174mm x 209mm.

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Weight 31,5 kg
Dimensions 51,5 × 38 × 58,5 cm


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