Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments


Genre: Action | Age Rating: 16+

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Take on the role of the one of the worlds most famous detectives as you investigate everything from gruesome murders to mysterious paranormal cases. SHERLOCK’S NEW SKILLS Take advantage of Sherlock’s legendary talents to analyse crime scenes and detect new clues Sherlock Holmes 5 senses are now fully integrated into the gameplay mechanics Sherlock will also be able to follow trails using his sence of smell and hearing Use the detective’s imagination to reproduce suspects actions and establish what happened Drive interrogations whilst examining your suspects reactions to draw conclusion about thier guilt 


  • 6 captivating cases (murders, spectacular thefts, paranormal cases etc…)
  • Choose among several suspects for each case
  • Multiple endings keeps players going back for more
  • Important moral choices. All the decisions you make affect your character’s reputation
  • In-depth story writing, faithful to the books

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