Titan Elecstor 80000mAh 296WH Portable Power Station


The Titan 300W 80000mAh 296Wh Elecstor Portable Power Station is simple to install and allows you to power multiple devices during a power outage. With multiple-voltage DC outputs, this Portable Power Station is ideal for powering through bouts of loadshedding, you can hook up multiple devices including but not limited to (Tv,Android box, ONU[Optical Network Unit], Router and several other small appliances) Charge your mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets via USB. Featuring lithium Ion batteries (80000mAh). Can be used as a mobile power source for camping and is easily rechargeable on the go, via portable solar and car charger.

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Power a wide range of home appliances and entertainment devices during power outages
Power your router and fibre ONU (Optical Network Unit) during power outages
Keep your mobile devices charged with several USB ports
296Wh High-capacity lithium-Ion batteries
LED Flashlight
Solar Recharging
Portable and Lightweight , perfect for camping and outdoor activities

ESTIMATED RECHARGES/RUN TIME(single device connections):
Smart Phone: 10W – 29 hours
Tablet: 10W – 29 Hours
LED Lamp: 10W – 29 Hours
Router + ONU: 10W – 29 Hours
CCTV Camera: 15W – 14 Hours
Office Phone: 5W – 56 Hours
Portable game stations: 10W – 29 Hours
Monitor 24”: 15W – 14 Hours
TV + Android Box: 100W – 3 Hours
TV + Console: 220W – 1 Hours
Laptop: 65W – 4 Hours
Mini Fridge: 65W – 4 Hours


Input voltage: 19V 3.75A
DC Output Voltage:
5V + USBC x 2(3A)
5V + USB x 5 (2A)
2 x 12V
Power Output: 300W-500W
Battery Capacity: 80000mAh
Total Watt Hours: 296Wh
Dimensions: 220145188mm
Weight: 2.85kg
Charging Period: 2 – 4 Hours

Additional information

Weight 2,85 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14,5 × 19 cm


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